New Mirror Guard
Cup Holder and Tray




Mirrorguard has added to its product range with this cup holder / tray.

We came up with this design as there are no cup holders in the Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen vehicles. The ideal place to fit this has to be the centre glove box making it within reach of both driver and passenger. Just open the glove box and it sits in the top on its rubber trim (No Rattling )

The glove box can still be used as normal.
We make 2 models of our cup holder, one is for Euro 4 vans from 2007 untill around 2010 with a grey dashboard.

The latter is for a Euro 5 van which runs from 2010 right
up to and including the new 2015 models with a black dashboard.

The Euro 4 and 5 models do cross over in the same year but the real way of telling is the colour of the dashboard, Grey is the early model Euro 4 Black is the latter Euro 5.

Cost Per cup holder is £40 + Post & VAT

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