About Us

About Mirrorguard

Mirrorguard is now in its 12th year of manufacturing.  All mirrorguards are hand made in the UK to a very high standard.

Mirrorguard was born due to high damage received to motorhome mirrors which were originally repaired using plastic welding. Although the repair was good it was very time consuming and expensive.

Research and Material Comparisons

Leading on from plastic welding, tooling was handmade for the Fiat/Citroen and Peugeot Mirror for motorhomes, vans and van conversions registered 2001-2006 and 2007 to present. Tests were carried out using fibreglass and ABS plastic materials. The strength tests proved that the 5mm ABS plastic was the strongest material which continue to be used in our products today.

To ensure Mirrorguard continue to offer your mirrors the best protection, further research was carried out in 2015/16 to find a shock absorbent material to absorb the shock of impact.   The best product to be found on the market was a foam that is similar to that used in crash helmets.  Having found the correct mix for the foam, all short, medium and long armed mirrorguards include a foam liner.

Why you need Mirrorguards

As you are aware most motorhome mirrors are long armed to overcome the width of the body, therefore making them very vulnerable to damage from other oncoming vehicles, walls, signs and hedgerows.

You can be the safest driver on the road but unforeseen events can happen. Vehicles come around the corner on your side of the road, brambles sticking out in hedges and that illusive wall/barrier.  Any of this can happen at any time – start of your holiday – holidaying abroad – can be stressful and expensive.

Original standard mirror casing is made from a very thin ABS plastic which is very susceptible to impact damage also they have a lot of technology in them which include radio aerial, temperature sensors etc. and can be very expensive to replace.

Mirrorguards are manufactured in 3 different colours.  Standard semi mate black to match original mirror, Silver grey and the most popular white for the simple reason white stands out which makes your mirror visible to oncoming vehicle drivers.

Both white and silver mirrorguards are manufactured from a virgin (not recycled) 5mm ABS outdoor plastic. Incorporates a scratch and UV resistant coating making scratch marks easy to polish off and the UV protection guarantees the product will not tarnish or fade over time.

Rubber trim neatly fitted around the edge which not only finishes the product off but creates a seal around the mirror.  Therefore no need for screws as they need to stay flexible and able to move in the case of an impact.

We have now sold thousands of pairs all over the world to satisfied customers.


There is a reason why products are cheap

As with any new innovative creation, there are companies that copy a good product.  However we pride ourselves in the quality  and this is reflected in the superb reviews we receive which signifies that mirrorguard is still the front runner.

When buying online all these products look very similar but beware they are defiantly not.

Issues we have been told about and found ourselves with other products

  • Badly fitting
  • Very thin material
  • Cheap Foreign manufacture
  • No UV stabilisation and tarnish within 3 months and cannot be polished

We want our customer’s to be happy with their purchase, this is why we use the best quality materials and care in manufacture.